Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Sale Buys

I am avoiding the high street because theres nothing that I really need at the moment and nearly everything I had on sale watch wasn't reduced. Despite that I had a little splurge yesterday and bought 3 items

Credit:Miss Selfidge
First up is the Miss Selfridge Leather Jacket for £40.00 from £100  I couldnt resist the price and I really like the khaki colour. I am a bit dubious on the quality. Topshop leather is amazing, I havent tried Miss Selfridge yet so I will wait and see what arrives through my door.

Credit:All Saints
Second up is one item on my wish list an all saints Pirate Cardigan in Linen. I am particularly chauffed with this as the linen colour only went on sale this morning.I tried this cardigan on a few months ago and couldnt justify the price at £65.50  but for £45.50 its worh it. Its made from a silk wool mix so Im expecting quality. I have a lot of bright colours in my wardrobe so a neutral piece like this is perfect to tone things down a little

Credit:All Saints
Third up is this All saints Ditzy skirt. Florals are back  for spring summer 2010. The skirt was priced at £37.50 from £75.00. I really like the construction of the skirt and the detailing within it. I think this will look great with  flats in summer. as well as over tights and boots in winter

Tuesday, 29 December 2009

New Years Resolution No One- Get More Creative with Makeup

I am a MAC junkie but I hardly wear any. So here are pictures of my stash and some of the looks I will try out in 2010

Blusher- I find that it gives you a great healthy glow even if you don't have any other make up on.
Colour on Left is Sunbasque Blush and next to it is Ambering Rose

Eyeshadows Deep Truth, Coppering,Steamy, Bonjours Gris

Barry M dazzle dusts

Mac Smoke signals smokey eyes set and Penny Shade stick

Mac Style Warriors Collection

 Sea Me by MAC this is a mineralize shadow and the colour is beautiful. Its a true electric blue and is very pigmented so a little goes along way Its great for creating smokey eyes or just a flash of colour by lining the lid.

Illamasqua Liquid Metal- The colour is gorgeous its a very rich silver and is perfect for lining and highlighting. I cant wait to use this . Illamasaqua is a new brand and they have Gold and Bronze also in liquid metal and the colour is just amazing. Im going to book my self in for a makeover there so I can try out different colours and more of there products.

Mac Sexy Shenanigans soft mini lustre glasses. The colours are really nice particularly the 4th one it looks like its a really weird colour but on it looks great. Im not a huge lip girl. So having minis are a great way to try different lip looks when I feel like wearing lip make up.

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Matthew Williamson Feathers

The feather emblem is Matthew williams most iconic print. It was featured on the catwalk in the Spring 2004 collection

A stunning hand beaded dress

Credits:Stye com

A black version off the feather print

Feather detailing in pink within my skirt from the same collection recently bought from Ebay.
Credit Ebay
A close up on a silk dress 

Not content with only designing beautiful clothing Matthew Williamson turned his hand to createwallpaper for Habitat VIP range. A lot of the prints featured on the catwalk were used for bed linen and wallpaper.

Credit:Rug Company

The feather emblem has been used to create this gorgeous rug from The Rug company.

The peacock emblem featured within the Matthew Williamson for H&M Collection in the detailing on the pink silk blouse.

Sunday, 13 December 2009

Petite Princess Tips: How to mend Zips

Maintaining clothes is just as important as buying. After completing my huge clear out it was time to go through the context of the repair bag. In that bag were assorted pieces of black clothing to be re-dyed, trousers to be hemmed and zips to be fixed.

So lets start with the zips. All the zips in this instance had came out from the bottom of the piece of clothing. You can tuck them in but there's a danger of the clothing getting stuck. The solution to this is to sew across the broken piece of the zip resulting in a shortened zip but one that's secure and good as new.

Take your time as you sew across and make the stitches as small as possible to create a neater finish.

The items which I had to be repaired were only minor, however its important to repair a zip ASAP so the damage doesn't worsen. The offending articles were a Topshop Black Corset Playsuit, a Zara black pencil skirt and an Oasis High waisted Pencil skirt.

I for one will definitely check zips on new buys, but all in all I cant complain about the British high street as it has great fashion that is leaps and bounds ahead of most other countries.Three dodgy zips out of the 100s of items in my wardrobe isn't a bad ratio at all

Monday, 7 December 2009

Rowan Studio Issue 14

I ordered Rowan Studio Issue14 today. It was launched in January a lot of the wool and colours used within the collection have been discontinued. I have managed to track some down in Ebay for a really cheap price so thats good news!

I was going to order some rowan ribbon twist however I decided against it as I felt I could get a lot more wear from knitted neutral pieces, which can be worn in Autumn and Spring time.

I love the styling of the collection and in particular the way they have used a petite model and how the lengths and proportions are perfect. The shoe boots are perfect that she's wearing I am on a mission to find them!

1) Coset jumper- This looks really comfortable and great for layering over dresses or tunics.

I have ordered the wool for this pattern and this will be new project for next year.

2) Embrace - I think this is soo pretty, I love the fair isle and patterning on the boarders. I have never knitted anything with a pattern so it will be a new challenge which is always good. I love the fact you can wear it layered and it would look great on its own or with a leather jacket over it.

3) Nestle - This jumper has a hood attached, the colour really appeals to me, It looks snuggly but not too fitted or oversized. Anything thats too oversized on petite girls is a no no. It really signals Alexa Chung to me and i could see her wearing this jumper with jeans and flats.

4) Cosy - Is knitted in a gorgeous caramel colour it has cables on the front which I love doing so this should be a fun knit.Its been paired with wet look leggings and its a very wearable outfit.

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Sonia Rykiel for H&M My Picks

Yet another H&M Collection? Yes thats right its Sonia Rykeils turn to add her magic to H&M. The collection is underwear with a few accessories thrown in such as slippers, hairbands and robes.

When it comes to underwear I am a die hard M&S girl so I will be giving the underwear a miss and instead focusing my attention on the dressing gowns. Gowns as well as scarves are my new thing. There comfortable and instantly glamorous.I love nothing more then having a mooch around the house in a gown first thing in the morning or when Im getting ready for a night out.

My first pick is this gown is velvet and was featured in the Ad campaign. I instantly loved it when i saw it. Theres something really sexy and comfortable about it at the same time.

My second pick is this Gorgeous pink and black robe its priced at £40.00 again,

The collection is going to the majority of H&M store so there will be plenty of stock which is great as you can take your time looking and trying on pieces rather then the smash and grab tactic of the usual collections.


Two new scarfs

Here are a few more pics of my new scarfs.First up is the Matthew Williamson Parrot scarf.

Theprint on this is soo pretty. Its very tropical and exotic. The pattern has parrots flowers and a flowering vine. The silk is very sheer the pattern isn't as free flowing as the abstract scarf and looks best when the pattern is clearly showing.

Another view of the scarf

This scarf was bought at a whim but the price was too good to resist I bought if from Ebay for £11.00 including P&P. It is massive and really soft made from organic cotton.The colour is very vibrant and I think it will look great come summertime. I am loving Ebay at the moment its a much more exciting way to buy.

Friday, 20 November 2009

Cleaning out the wardrobe Part 2

After carrying out my first cull of clothing its gets easier, so I am implementing phase 2 and have decided to be ruthless.

Once you have the backbone of a good wardrobe its easier to see what works and doesn't work.
and what you need to get rid off.I have another bag of things to charity shop/ebay.

And I have decided my next few purchases are going to be

Velour Pjs (I love my velour tracksuit to wear around the house only of course!)

Classic coat- I want something elegant and timeless (Maybe a Burberry trench or something thats beautifully tailored)

Statement Bag- When i was younger I had loads of bags but i am no longer a bag girl more dresses and statement pieces.

Monday, 16 November 2009

Jimmy Choo My Swag

After waiting months for this collaboration I finally scored myself some Jimmy Choo!

Me and my sister qued up from 4.30am and received our wristbands at 8.30am. We had a mooch at the women's collection but nothing really caught my eye.

We were in the second last group to shop and we watched most of the good stuff go before our eyes. I managed to get my hands on the Zebra Shoes and Blue/Black Shoes.

The Blue/Black shoes fit like a glove and are great I was delighted to find out that they match a paten a navy patent bag that I picked up in sale a few years ago. It has an amazing Hot Pink Lining and tend to wear it with cream patent heels but now I have my Jimmy Choos to wear with it.

The Zebra shoes are so pretty and glamorous

The dimante cuff is so pretty I really love it as a statement piece of bling. It came in a blue net bag. I have a star ring which i adore from Mikey that goes with the bracelet. Plus a flower broach I was recently given as a present.

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Matthew Williamson Abstract Silk Scarf

After much lusting I tracked down the Matthew Williamson abstract silk print scarf from Part 1 and im in love! The colours are soo beautiful and the scarf is HUGE! I can actually wrap it around me to form a dress!

White, black, turquoise, green, navy blue, yellow and orange are all featured in the scarf which its pretty unique.

I bought it from Ebay Austria for £28.00 which was a good price as its currently selling on UK ebay for £40.00 and £60.00 Even though it cost £15.00 in the shops!

This scarf has a similar pattern to the H&M scarf with a more subtle colour palette thats wear the similarities the end as the price an eye watering £295.00.

Saturday, 7 November 2009

Scarf Time

This week has definitely felt like winter in the UK so its time to wrap up warm with some scarves. Scarves have made a recent comeback, they are a great way to update your wardrobe without breaking the bank. With so many materials, lengths,adornments and colours to choose from,you are really spoilt for choice.

To recreate the looks below you need:

1) A pair of your favourite jeans
2) A plain T-shirt in Grey/White/Black
3) Cropped Black Jacket Tuxedo
4) Collarless leather jacket
5)Wet look leggings
6) A amazing scarf of your choice

First up is a Matthew Williamson print scarf which has been styled with a black cropped jacket, white t-shirt and a pair of blue jeans. the scarf is an eye catching focal point and looks great. The stylist has picked up on the white within the scarf for maximum effect.

SIDE NOTE:Collar less jackets are a must have as they are so versatile, great for layering over dresses,vests and t-shirts all year round

The next scarf is by Alexandra McQueen and been styled with rolled jeans, black strapped stilettos,white t-shirt and black cropped jacket. Its a bad girl look and effortlessly cool.

Next up are some brightly coloured scarves which are great for brighting up an outfit.Once again the outfit is kept very simple with a plain vest,cropped jackets and leggings, chic effortless and very wearable.

Credirt:Net a Porter
Houndstooth is a classic print and crops up time and time again in Autumn Winter Collections. Anything houndstooth is a great investment piece as its always in fashion. This scarf looks so warm and the tassels are so cute too. Styled with Black for maximum effect its a head turning outfit.

Rowan Studio 17 Frill Waistcoat

Credit:Rowan Studio

I really love this Frill Pattern in Rowan Studio Issue 17. I think its a great style very All Saints. I think it would look great over dresses, leggings and jeans.

The pattern uses very small needles but there appears to be a lot of stockinette stitch (which is a very simple stitch) so it could be an ok piece to knit.

Petite Princess Tips: Ebay Success

My Tips for Ebay Success:

1) Check regularly, all the best bargains are normally snapped up straight away before you even get a look in.

2) Check at lunchtime - Often people will list items on their day off and you can find some great items when you least expect.

3) Ebay internationally - you can get some great deals on clothing online, particularly in countries where a designer isn't as well known or as popular.

3) Bid in the last few seconds placing your maximum- I won both bids because my maximums were at around £50 each item (which i was prepared to pay for the item) The other bidders were creeping up at around £1 at a time.

4) Often an auction will say that you have lost out by a £1 or so, but its likely the winning bidders maximum bid was way higher then yours and you would never reached it anyway!

5) And if you miss out on an item,don't get downhearted you never know what great bargain is around the corner..

If you don't succeed try and try again....

I have a complete love hate relationship with ebay After loosing THREE auctions in a row I finally got lucky got two great bargains

1) BNWT Matthew Williamson Knitted Jacket for £11.00
A brown used version of the jacket is selling on for around £200.00.

2) BNWT Matthew Williamson Mini Silk Skirt for £25.00 RRP Price around £250.00. The skirt is made from silk and I think Its so pretty..I plan on teaming it with a hot pink jumper or another bright colour

French Connection Eyelash Jumper.

Credit:French Connection

I adore my French Connection Eyelash Jumper. I saw this on the FC website and loved it, however it was completely sold out however I managed to get my mitts the last one in store.

The sequins were quite sparse in comparison to the picture, so I got out my needle and thread and added more sequins in the thinner patches and around the start of the lashes.

I love wearing bright eye shadows and plan on creating dramatic eyes added with false eyelashes to mirror the look.

Here are my top picks Left to Right (MAC Steamy, MAC Coppering, MAC Deep Truth, MAC Style Warriors Bright Future, MAC Style Warriors Vibrant Grape)

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Petite Princess Tips: How to detox the wardrobe.

With winter around the corner I have decided its a good time to detox my wardrobe. All my summer clothing have been washed,ironed and packed away and all my cosy winter knits have come out

I watched a great video on how to detox your wardrobe the stylist used a great 4 box method. The clothes should be placed into the following four catagories:

1) RESTYLE- Favourite key pieces that you can add too and use to create new outfits

2) RECOVER- Pieces in your wardrobe that need some work doing to them e.g dying them, replacing missing buttons etc

3) GIVE AWAY- Donating to charity shops, friends, family etc

4) BIN- If the clothing is tired and damaged then it should be binned, However if some of the pieces are cotton they can be cut up and used for dusting and help with your cleaning.

I have 2 bags to give away, 1 bag to recover and 1 bag to bin. It took around 2hrs but was worth it to gain that extra wardrobe space

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Jimmy Choo we love you...

Unless you have been hiding under a rock you should know by now that November 14th is the day Jimmy Choo hits H&M. My wish list is changing daily and I think it will depend on the quality of items plus the fit. I seriously doubt there will be time to try shoes on in the frenzy that will occur...Its going to be every man, dog and women for themselves lol

Ive been wondering how H&M plan on arranging the shoes and the different sizes? Will they be a limit on the number of styles/shoes?The collection also introduces clothes to the Jimmy Choo range.. but forget about the clothes its seriously all about the shoes.

So here are the best double takes from Jimmy Choos Pre Fall and Winter Collection. Jimmy Choo prices are here but H&M have not been confirmed yet so check back for an update.

KENNAN £595.00 H&M:TBC

WISH £295.00 H&M TBC

BONNIE £695.00 H&M: TBC

COSMO £895.00 H&M:TBC

BLAZE £550.00 H&M TBC