Sunday, 13 December 2009

Petite Princess Tips: How to mend Zips

Maintaining clothes is just as important as buying. After completing my huge clear out it was time to go through the context of the repair bag. In that bag were assorted pieces of black clothing to be re-dyed, trousers to be hemmed and zips to be fixed.

So lets start with the zips. All the zips in this instance had came out from the bottom of the piece of clothing. You can tuck them in but there's a danger of the clothing getting stuck. The solution to this is to sew across the broken piece of the zip resulting in a shortened zip but one that's secure and good as new.

Take your time as you sew across and make the stitches as small as possible to create a neater finish.

The items which I had to be repaired were only minor, however its important to repair a zip ASAP so the damage doesn't worsen. The offending articles were a Topshop Black Corset Playsuit, a Zara black pencil skirt and an Oasis High waisted Pencil skirt.

I for one will definitely check zips on new buys, but all in all I cant complain about the British high street as it has great fashion that is leaps and bounds ahead of most other countries.Three dodgy zips out of the 100s of items in my wardrobe isn't a bad ratio at all

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