Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Jimmy Choo we love you...

Unless you have been hiding under a rock you should know by now that November 14th is the day Jimmy Choo hits H&M. My wish list is changing daily and I think it will depend on the quality of items plus the fit. I seriously doubt there will be time to try shoes on in the frenzy that will occur...Its going to be every man, dog and women for themselves lol

Ive been wondering how H&M plan on arranging the shoes and the different sizes? Will they be a limit on the number of styles/shoes?The collection also introduces clothes to the Jimmy Choo range.. but forget about the clothes its seriously all about the shoes.

So here are the best double takes from Jimmy Choos Pre Fall and Winter Collection. Jimmy Choo prices are here but H&M have not been confirmed yet so check back for an update.

KENNAN £595.00 H&M:TBC

WISH £295.00 H&M TBC

BONNIE £695.00 H&M: TBC

COSMO £895.00 H&M:TBC

BLAZE £550.00 H&M TBC


  1. I Love everyone of these shoes...oh my gosh..I'm in love!!! LOL

  2. Lol! tell me about it! I cant wait until the collection comes out. Think its going to be crazy though!