Friday, 9 July 2010

The sun is shining and I am thinking about AW 2010

Well ladies you can never be too prepared so thats why I am focusing on A/W 2010. Some of the biggest fashion trends have a focus on texture, whether its lace, fur or sheepskin theres plenty of it going on. Coupled with great knitwear with interesting features be it cables, drop stiches, and a  play with proportions. I saw some pics on the MC webstie and I loved what I saw VIVA TOPSHOP.

Topshop Autumn/Winter 2010 Collection

The oversized cable scarf is great here and an easy knit for a beginner, Basic beanie hat knitted with ears added

Topshopn autumn/winter 2010 collection

This look is pretty much perfect. I love the sheepskin coat as its in a  classic cut.which will become a wardrobe staple. The cabled jumper is pretty although standard However when teaming it with the skirt and the cabled socks it creates a really fresh outline.

Topshopn autumn/winter 2010 collection

Love this grey jumper with intarsia  details on sleeves and shoulders. The grey sleeveless coat is cure but just not the practical for a British Winter could work for layering over summer dresses in a mild autumn. The ear muffs are so cute and add a great finishing touch
Topshopn autumn/winter 2010 collection

 One of my favourite pieces hands down are these cabled socks  i love them warm practical and a great wardrobe
 update. I don't do socks when it comes to knitting so I am more then happy to buy these!

Topshopn autumn/winter 2010 collection

Fur jackets are back...

So all in all a great collection with some great pieces- Cabled Socks, Cabled and Patterned knitwear and an amazing sheepskin coat all to add to my shopping list!

Saturday, 17 April 2010

Allotment Gardening

I have a new project on the way which is growing vegetables and some fruit in my local allotment. The allotment is soo overgrown it could be accuratly described as a jungle however I do love a challange.

I have spent 4 hours today weeding and removing some wild strawberry plants..There must have been around 40 plants so that something off the list that I dont have to worry about buying.

Gardening is strangly addictive Im planning a strawberry patch, Gardern Herbs and Rockets and then some root vegetables for winter. The weather is picking up in the UK and its the perfect time to get planting.

Shopping in London

I was in London and I forgot how HUGE the shops are and how you can get such a great range of items. Topshop Oxford St had the Vintage Lace Pattern in a  dress! It is soo gorgous its a 50style strapless dress thats cut in at the waist and is so feminine. So I returned the skirt. The dress version is not available on the website or any other stores. Its was £75.00 which isnt cheap but I think its worth it perfect for a summer wedding, christening or formal ocassion girlie cute and unique.

To complete the MW collection I bought the sarong to match  I bought it from Germany via bank transfer and I had to pay a £9.00 fee as Paypal was not used. So all in all paid £45.00! As far as I am aware there are only 2 other sellers one wats £59.99 and the other £69.99. So It wasnt as expensive as it could be.

Although im not on my hols this year and I dont have a clue when I next will be I researched different ways of wearing a sarong and the ways are numerous. I LOVE Matthew Williamson and I love colour so its nice to have some more pretty things around to look at!

Sunday, 21 March 2010

More Shopping

Heres a post of my most recent purchases. First up is Ebay..
MW H&M Tunic £46.00 so £4 over RRP Price. So not a bad deal at all especially as its a size Small and VERY HARD to find on ebay

Swimsuit £20.00 ebay so exact RRP

Swimsuit £18.00 I think this one reatiled for £25.00 so another bargain.I am not going on my hols anytime soon..But I cant wait to wear these on the beach when I do..
I also bought the Faith shoes as Faith had a 20% of sale..These shoes are the most perfect nude and so leg lengthening Priced at £44.00 instead of the usal £55.00. So bargains all around.Seriously loving these I will be rocking these shoes all summer long and I will be picking up a pair cheap in the summer sales cause I need a spare pair in my life

Saturday, 13 March 2010

New Things

While I was returning some bits and bobs I came across this skirt in Topshop at a Size 4 I just about squeezed into. I was told that they were out of stock where in fact there was 1 left onlie in a size 6. I  ordered it online and cant wait to get it. Its too pretty for words the detailing is amazing. Priced at £45.00 its expensive for Tophsop but for once the quality is worth it!
I popped into Oasis and fount the boots Ive bene hankering over reduced to £30.00 from £70.00 so snapped them up. Its still cold so lots of time to wear them before summer gets here!

Dont believe the Hype..

Ive had a trying shopping Month with all the limited edition collections thrown at you its exhausting.. Liberty for Target launches tomorrow and disspaointingly the clothes are NOT liberty fabrics. They are liberty prints on cheaper fabrics.

The next biggie is Mac for liberty of london. I am excited about this collection but I am a bit overwhelmed by the amount of collections coming out and with so many colours dupable  and lets face it MAC doesnt come cheap. want something thats unique and different in comparison to very similar shades already.

My must have items are the two Make up bags as they are so amazing.I want one for brushes and one for makeup so I will get both!

There priced at $30 and $36 dollars so around £43 for both!  So so pretty.

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Shoes Shoes Shoes

After sorting thorugh my wardrobe I have noticed I have neglected my day shoe collection living in flat boots. Its amazing how shoes can change an oufit and give me the added height lol Im very fussy about what I like I think New look do great cheapish shoes and topshop do nice ones and fairth but the quality of shoes isnt always that great for the price.

Theses shoes are right on the money

I LOVE theses shoes I saw them in Faith and I didnt dare try them on because I know I would buy them lol.
They are the perfect height for getting about it the day I love the height the peep toe and the hole shape of the shoesIm waiting for faith to do a 20% off day then I will snap both pairs up
Full price they are £55 each but with  the discount its £44.