Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Sonia Rykiel for H&M My Picks

Yet another H&M Collection? Yes thats right its Sonia Rykeils turn to add her magic to H&M. The collection is underwear with a few accessories thrown in such as slippers, hairbands and robes.

When it comes to underwear I am a die hard M&S girl so I will be giving the underwear a miss and instead focusing my attention on the dressing gowns. Gowns as well as scarves are my new thing. There comfortable and instantly glamorous.I love nothing more then having a mooch around the house in a gown first thing in the morning or when Im getting ready for a night out.

My first pick is this gown is velvet and was featured in the Ad campaign. I instantly loved it when i saw it. Theres something really sexy and comfortable about it at the same time.

My second pick is this Gorgeous pink and black robe its priced at £40.00 again,

The collection is going to the majority of H&M store so there will be plenty of stock which is great as you can take your time looking and trying on pieces rather then the smash and grab tactic of the usual collections.


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