Friday, 20 November 2009

Cleaning out the wardrobe Part 2

After carrying out my first cull of clothing its gets easier, so I am implementing phase 2 and have decided to be ruthless.

Once you have the backbone of a good wardrobe its easier to see what works and doesn't work.
and what you need to get rid off.I have another bag of things to charity shop/ebay.

And I have decided my next few purchases are going to be

Velour Pjs (I love my velour tracksuit to wear around the house only of course!)

Classic coat- I want something elegant and timeless (Maybe a Burberry trench or something thats beautifully tailored)

Statement Bag- When i was younger I had loads of bags but i am no longer a bag girl more dresses and statement pieces.

Monday, 16 November 2009

Jimmy Choo My Swag

After waiting months for this collaboration I finally scored myself some Jimmy Choo!

Me and my sister qued up from 4.30am and received our wristbands at 8.30am. We had a mooch at the women's collection but nothing really caught my eye.

We were in the second last group to shop and we watched most of the good stuff go before our eyes. I managed to get my hands on the Zebra Shoes and Blue/Black Shoes.

The Blue/Black shoes fit like a glove and are great I was delighted to find out that they match a paten a navy patent bag that I picked up in sale a few years ago. It has an amazing Hot Pink Lining and tend to wear it with cream patent heels but now I have my Jimmy Choos to wear with it.

The Zebra shoes are so pretty and glamorous

The dimante cuff is so pretty I really love it as a statement piece of bling. It came in a blue net bag. I have a star ring which i adore from Mikey that goes with the bracelet. Plus a flower broach I was recently given as a present.

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Matthew Williamson Abstract Silk Scarf

After much lusting I tracked down the Matthew Williamson abstract silk print scarf from Part 1 and im in love! The colours are soo beautiful and the scarf is HUGE! I can actually wrap it around me to form a dress!

White, black, turquoise, green, navy blue, yellow and orange are all featured in the scarf which its pretty unique.

I bought it from Ebay Austria for £28.00 which was a good price as its currently selling on UK ebay for £40.00 and £60.00 Even though it cost £15.00 in the shops!

This scarf has a similar pattern to the H&M scarf with a more subtle colour palette thats wear the similarities the end as the price an eye watering £295.00.

Saturday, 7 November 2009

Scarf Time

This week has definitely felt like winter in the UK so its time to wrap up warm with some scarves. Scarves have made a recent comeback, they are a great way to update your wardrobe without breaking the bank. With so many materials, lengths,adornments and colours to choose from,you are really spoilt for choice.

To recreate the looks below you need:

1) A pair of your favourite jeans
2) A plain T-shirt in Grey/White/Black
3) Cropped Black Jacket Tuxedo
4) Collarless leather jacket
5)Wet look leggings
6) A amazing scarf of your choice

First up is a Matthew Williamson print scarf which has been styled with a black cropped jacket, white t-shirt and a pair of blue jeans. the scarf is an eye catching focal point and looks great. The stylist has picked up on the white within the scarf for maximum effect.

SIDE NOTE:Collar less jackets are a must have as they are so versatile, great for layering over dresses,vests and t-shirts all year round

The next scarf is by Alexandra McQueen and been styled with rolled jeans, black strapped stilettos,white t-shirt and black cropped jacket. Its a bad girl look and effortlessly cool.

Next up are some brightly coloured scarves which are great for brighting up an outfit.Once again the outfit is kept very simple with a plain vest,cropped jackets and leggings, chic effortless and very wearable.

Credirt:Net a Porter
Houndstooth is a classic print and crops up time and time again in Autumn Winter Collections. Anything houndstooth is a great investment piece as its always in fashion. This scarf looks so warm and the tassels are so cute too. Styled with Black for maximum effect its a head turning outfit.

Rowan Studio 17 Frill Waistcoat

Credit:Rowan Studio

I really love this Frill Pattern in Rowan Studio Issue 17. I think its a great style very All Saints. I think it would look great over dresses, leggings and jeans.

The pattern uses very small needles but there appears to be a lot of stockinette stitch (which is a very simple stitch) so it could be an ok piece to knit.

Petite Princess Tips: Ebay Success

My Tips for Ebay Success:

1) Check regularly, all the best bargains are normally snapped up straight away before you even get a look in.

2) Check at lunchtime - Often people will list items on their day off and you can find some great items when you least expect.

3) Ebay internationally - you can get some great deals on clothing online, particularly in countries where a designer isn't as well known or as popular.

3) Bid in the last few seconds placing your maximum- I won both bids because my maximums were at around £50 each item (which i was prepared to pay for the item) The other bidders were creeping up at around £1 at a time.

4) Often an auction will say that you have lost out by a £1 or so, but its likely the winning bidders maximum bid was way higher then yours and you would never reached it anyway!

5) And if you miss out on an item,don't get downhearted you never know what great bargain is around the corner..

If you don't succeed try and try again....

I have a complete love hate relationship with ebay After loosing THREE auctions in a row I finally got lucky got two great bargains

1) BNWT Matthew Williamson Knitted Jacket for £11.00
A brown used version of the jacket is selling on for around £200.00.

2) BNWT Matthew Williamson Mini Silk Skirt for £25.00 RRP Price around £250.00. The skirt is made from silk and I think Its so pretty..I plan on teaming it with a hot pink jumper or another bright colour

French Connection Eyelash Jumper.

Credit:French Connection

I adore my French Connection Eyelash Jumper. I saw this on the FC website and loved it, however it was completely sold out however I managed to get my mitts the last one in store.

The sequins were quite sparse in comparison to the picture, so I got out my needle and thread and added more sequins in the thinner patches and around the start of the lashes.

I love wearing bright eye shadows and plan on creating dramatic eyes added with false eyelashes to mirror the look.

Here are my top picks Left to Right (MAC Steamy, MAC Coppering, MAC Deep Truth, MAC Style Warriors Bright Future, MAC Style Warriors Vibrant Grape)