Saturday, 7 November 2009

Petite Princess Tips: Ebay Success

My Tips for Ebay Success:

1) Check regularly, all the best bargains are normally snapped up straight away before you even get a look in.

2) Check at lunchtime - Often people will list items on their day off and you can find some great items when you least expect.

3) Ebay internationally - you can get some great deals on clothing online, particularly in countries where a designer isn't as well known or as popular.

3) Bid in the last few seconds placing your maximum- I won both bids because my maximums were at around £50 each item (which i was prepared to pay for the item) The other bidders were creeping up at around £1 at a time.

4) Often an auction will say that you have lost out by a £1 or so, but its likely the winning bidders maximum bid was way higher then yours and you would never reached it anyway!

5) And if you miss out on an item,don't get downhearted you never know what great bargain is around the corner..

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