Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Petite Princess Tips: How to detox the wardrobe.

With winter around the corner I have decided its a good time to detox my wardrobe. All my summer clothing have been washed,ironed and packed away and all my cosy winter knits have come out

I watched a great video on how to detox your wardrobe the stylist used a great 4 box method. The clothes should be placed into the following four catagories:

1) RESTYLE- Favourite key pieces that you can add too and use to create new outfits

2) RECOVER- Pieces in your wardrobe that need some work doing to them e.g dying them, replacing missing buttons etc

3) GIVE AWAY- Donating to charity shops, friends, family etc

4) BIN- If the clothing is tired and damaged then it should be binned, However if some of the pieces are cotton they can be cut up and used for dusting and help with your cleaning.

I have 2 bags to give away, 1 bag to recover and 1 bag to bin. It took around 2hrs but was worth it to gain that extra wardrobe space

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  1. Thanks for the great tips..I have been giving away clothes but it feels like it doesn't end!! but you gave me some cool idea's