Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Petite Princess Tips: How to detox the wardrobe.

With winter around the corner I have decided its a good time to detox my wardrobe. All my summer clothing have been washed,ironed and packed away and all my cosy winter knits have come out

I watched a great video on how to detox your wardrobe the stylist used a great 4 box method. The clothes should be placed into the following four catagories:

1) RESTYLE- Favourite key pieces that you can add too and use to create new outfits

2) RECOVER- Pieces in your wardrobe that need some work doing to them e.g dying them, replacing missing buttons etc

3) GIVE AWAY- Donating to charity shops, friends, family etc

4) BIN- If the clothing is tired and damaged then it should be binned, However if some of the pieces are cotton they can be cut up and used for dusting and help with your cleaning.

I have 2 bags to give away, 1 bag to recover and 1 bag to bin. It took around 2hrs but was worth it to gain that extra wardrobe space

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Jimmy Choo we love you...

Unless you have been hiding under a rock you should know by now that November 14th is the day Jimmy Choo hits H&M. My wish list is changing daily and I think it will depend on the quality of items plus the fit. I seriously doubt there will be time to try shoes on in the frenzy that will occur...Its going to be every man, dog and women for themselves lol

Ive been wondering how H&M plan on arranging the shoes and the different sizes? Will they be a limit on the number of styles/shoes?The collection also introduces clothes to the Jimmy Choo range.. but forget about the clothes its seriously all about the shoes.

So here are the best double takes from Jimmy Choos Pre Fall and Winter Collection. Jimmy Choo prices are here but H&M have not been confirmed yet so check back for an update.

KENNAN £595.00 H&M:TBC

WISH £295.00 H&M TBC

BONNIE £695.00 H&M: TBC

COSMO £895.00 H&M:TBC

BLAZE £550.00 H&M TBC

Monday, 5 October 2009

Matthew Williamson Ten Years in Fashion

A few pics...

Matthew Williamson H&M Cream Parrot Blouse Inspiration

The blouse sold out like hotcakes thanks to the dress version popularised by Helana. I'm not a big blouse person but its gorgeous..The sleeves are smocked and its so different to everything else in my wardrobe a real one off.

The British vogue supplement styled this with the blue tulip skirt. I love how the hair is styled with the net over the face, there is a touch of the orient about it with pale skin and red lips

Matthew Williamson H&M Parrot Print Dress Inspiration

The Parrot Dress was one of the most popular pieces from the Summer Collection after being worn by Helena at the premier.The dress is really pretty especially the smocking detail. Its something that's quite different to what you normally find on the high street so its a great addition to the wardrobe. I found a great skinny navy belt which is perfect to nip the dress in the waist to create shape

Sienna wearing the dress and sunglasses with Matthew on Holiday

Helena wore the dress with a brown belt and folksy woven bag. Due to the pale background colour of the dress a strong colour is really needed to lift and emphasise the pattern.I'm not sure how Helena's managed to get the collar to stay in that shape but it looks great

Matthew Williamson H&M Aqua Silk Dress Inspiration

The aqua dress is one of my favourites from the collection and below you can clearly see the inspiration from the S03 "Flamingo Bay" collection

look 1:The Belt has been slung on the waist of Frankie Raydor to mirror the deep v neckline of the dress

Look 2: Worn with an 80s style bum bag on Alex Wek

Look 3:Worn loose and airy with black sandals,complimentary bracelet and bag

An accessorised version is the H&M dress tied back for a loose fit and accessorised with purple tights and brackets.

Matthew Williamson H&M Black Parrot Dress Inspiration

There were quite a few black dresses left in my H&M and I think its probably one of the most difficult pieces to pull off. I didn't like the way Lucy Lui was styled wearing the dress at the premier. The style of the dress is layered and adds bulk to the wearer so is a great choice for petite/skinnier girls. This dress is defiantly one for my holidays blue skies,sand, cocktails and an Ibiza sunset will be the perfect place to wear it.

The parrot embleb was first used in Matthews SS03 called "Flamingo Bay" and is emblezemed across the front of the black silk dress

In the British Vogue UK supplement the dress was styled and
accessorised with the parrot silk scarf tied in the hair

Matthew Williamson H&M Kaftan Inspiration

I LOVE my kaftan its a very wearable piece and looks great on.. How to wear it is pretty self explanatory, its a piece that is great to relax and chill out in and is signature boho chic..

Matthew Williamson S 2008 showcased a global traveller inspired image and Kaftans were styled with sunglasses, scarves and bags.

The sunglasses worn by the Model look very familiar and rightly so because the H&M versions are a great copy. The Pucci inspired and coloured detailing around the glasses just make the colours in the kaftan pop and stand out so much more.

Matthew williamson H&M Clutch Bag Inspiration

The clutch belt featured MW iconic Feather Loga and featured 3 shades of blue/greens. It is a statement bag so that goes without saying to keep your outfit simple. However I came across this picture of a Matthew Williamson outfit complete with clutch that inspired me...

Matthew has picked up the colours in the clutch to clash and compliment..So working around the clutch and matching the blue/greens and maybe some gold would create a show stopping outfit

Matthew Williamson H&M Blue Skirt Inspiration

The blue skirt was considered to be one of the more unwearable pieces in the collection however a little bit of vision is needed to make it work. The
silhouette had become a signature shape in Matthew Williamson Designs and was present in his SS2010 Collection in September.

These photos are from SS09 and features a sport look wearing it with an
over sized jacket and a more co ordinated look with matching jacket

This skirt is the exact match for the blue one and looks great styled with a cropped jacket and
decorative print top

These pictures are from SS10 shows similar style skirts worn with a bright vest tops structured and
exaggerated shoulders.

Matthew Williamson H&M Pink Skinny Stud Belt Inspiration

The pink belt wasn't a hugely popular piece and there were quite a few left over in my local H&M despite that it is a Matthew Williamson must have. In earlier collections Matthew used a pink belt to add flashes of colour to his outfits and this belt certainly does that.
Resort 2010 a flash of pink ads to the outfits

Matthew Williamson H&M Wide Stud Belt Inspiration

THE belt was one of the most sought after pieces from Part One, Simply because its an amazing copy of the belt featured in Matthew Williamson SS 2009 Collection. The quality of the item is superb and retailed for £35.00 the real deal retails for £500.00 From Net a Porter. And one recently sold on eBay for £100.00. It adds instant edge to outfits and I just love mine.

Matthew Williamson Spring Summer 2009 Show

Beige version from Resort 2010 Collection

Matthew Williamson H&M Leather Jacket Inspiration

The Leather Jacket was one of the most popular pieces from Collection One and the quality was fantastic, the leather is super soft and will age well.The Jacket is lined btw but this press release photo doesn't show it for some reason. Now I saw this jacket worn by 2 other girls and must say that every single one of them worn it with Jeans which is really boring. The jacket is a great piece and can be worn to create different looks so here's some inspiration.

SS09 Showcased White and Yellow versions of the jacket teamed with white t-shirt and bright prints. Its a bold look and the olive jacket worn with brights would be a stylish but more toned down version of the runway looks

Resort 2010 Picture show a beige and orange version of the leather Jacket. Worn over a a cute floral dress is a very every day wearable look and it looks equally great worn with a tulip skirt