Saturday, 27 February 2010

My Favourite Spring Summer Looks -Global Traveller

Matthew Williamsons Spring Summer Collection 2009 has come up trumps and I will be rocking the scarves, dresses and blouse from the collection.. Think ethnic details and prints, exotic details animals, birds, flowers and bright and clashing colours.

There are a few scarfs hanging about on Ebay and I would recomend anything from the collection as the pieces were such high quality and stunning.

Credit Grazia

Grazia Style Hunter picked up on Meenal Jethi MW Scarf this week see here

My Favourite Spring Looks - Double Denim

Spring Summer Double Denim Hands down D&G was the best!
The collecttion was so versatile and so many looks can be created from a capsule wardrobe of a few items.

Take one denim shirt Topshop £35.00here

Denim Short Topshop £30.00 here
Your favourtie pair of Boyfriend Jeans
A Brown Leather Belt( I recomend Diesel)
Tulle Skirt (Easy to DIY Pat Field Made Carrie Bradshaws tulle skirt on the cheap!)
 Floaty Mini Skirt (Still looking)
Strapless corset(Still looking)

Wear with a boyfriend jeans and a brown belt
Wear with denim shorts and a belt.

Wear with a girlie skirt

Wear with layers of tulle Short
Or long

Dress up Boyfriend Jeans with a floral bustie

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Sonia Rykiel Inspiration Knitted Dress

The dress is probably my favourite piece as its slinky sexy and so much fun and make me smile..Where else could you buy a colourfil striped dress for £29.99 then H&M

i Love the way the manequin has been styled as I have the beret and the shoes boots are a much more wearble look then the platforms. I do think the collection is more Autumn Winter rather then spring.

Sonia Rykiel Inspiration Scarf

The scarf was a great buy and a cotton scarf retails from £70.00 upwards.The scarfs really huge and is great value for money

The manequins were rocking the scarves from the collection so heres some inspiration

Brighten up a dull winter coat with a ray of brightness and bold colour as above

Sonia Rykiel Inspiration Knitted Skirt

A black knitted skirt is a worthy investment piece as its so versatile. It can be worn with knits or layered under leggings and tights

I cam across this image of Sonia Rykiel on facebook and I loved the way the skirt had been put together with leggings This is something that could be easily done with black wool tights and be really sexy and playful.

Worn with a fitted knitted top and shoes

So simple and Chic with sheer tights to cover up the legs. 

Worn with a striped jumper and sheer tights to cover up the legs once again.

Worn with a mono chrome tshirt and bright pop socks
Worn with a black dimante encrusted jumper and fish net pop socks


I live the hat in this look and I wonder where I can get socks like that from?

Sonia Rykiel Inspiration Beret

What says oh la la more then a beret they are what Stripes is to Sonia Rykiel an essential. Worn with brights its a fun accesory that can be very playful and grown up  too. It looks awesome worn with a leather jacket as With Love has at her blogBeret Inspired

Credit:Hip Girlie

       Worn with Grown up shoes, skirts abd blouses the look is sexy and playful.

  Credit:Geek Girl

Sonia Rykiel pour H&M

On Saturday Morning I awoke thinking of Sonia Rykiel but I rolled over and went to sleep...I didnt think there would be a crazy rush on H&M but after Jimmy Choo I cautiously decided to stay away.

I logged on to ebay and I saw real life pictures of the clothing and some looked suprisingly nice, others I didnt like after going and looking at some blogs I saw that people had bought some bits and bobs and I had a bang of regret.

So monday morning I went to H&M and there were loads left. The only things which had gone were the pink/black stud dress. the striped jumper dress, everything else was there for the picking and all in Small Sizes. So it was ideal for me to be able to get what I wanted.

I managed to score the last scarf in store of the manequuin which I was SOO happy to get as its one piece I had my eye on since I saw a similar one on ASOS and the scarf was the most popular item.

So I picked up loads of things to try. First one I tried was the pink rosset top. This was AWFUL on me it was so low cut my bra was very visible and It was very thin all in all NOT  a good look.

Next was the striped jumper this was cute what I didnt like was that it was scoop neck which meant it wouldnt keep you very warm and the body of the jumper was short so it stopped above the hips. Also the stitching was very visible from the construction.

Next thing I tried was the body concious dress and this fitted like a glove its warm and super sexy. This dress is to be worn when one has a flat stomach and is trim otherwise all the bumps and lumps will show through.

I picked up a stud beret and went on my merry way.

I searched out the blogs again and I saw pictures of the black knitted skirt and decided I needed that skirt in my life plus a cute pair of socks wouldnt go a miss. My sister rang me and she was shopping mear H&M I asked her to have a mooch in H&M and she found the last black skirt which was an extra small (Im hoping its not too tight but the goot thing with knitwear is that it will give over time anyway) and she picked up some socks.

Thes Sonia Rykiel skirts ar very similar but the price isnt H&M £19.99 Sonia by Sonia Rykiel £175.00! Viva la H&M
Credit: Harvey Nicks
All other pictures Credit:H&M

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

DIY Sewing.

The more I shop on the highstreet I realise there are great designs at great prices however there are things that I would like to buy more designer influenced without paying the big prices.

I have been lusting after some Carline Print and I won an auction on ebay andIve decied to make this luells design with my carline liberty Fabric. The design is so pretty and unique. I wanted a simple design and let the true beauty of the print shine through. I saw the dress on Alexa chung and I only saw it from the side and I thought the straps and shape were beuatiful. Now seeing the front with the heart its to gorgous for words.

On the catwalk

Other pieces that I am inspired from this collection are

The same dress in black. I will go for a sleeker skirt and less exagerated shape.

The shorts with a bright knit against it is so cute. I will be scouring for some polka dot material very soon

Monday, 22 February 2010

A little bit more shopping

I decided to visit H&M to check out the H&M collection and on my way I went on  a detour to Topshop

I picked this up because I knew it was sold out on the website so it would become hard to get hold of  and tried it on. The fit is amzing particularly as you can have it open with a vest top undernath it , closed or sleeves rolled up or down. I tried on a similar style in Oasis it was more expensive and the fit wasnt as great as this.. I tend to like certain shops  for certain items. Topshop seems to be my favouite place for shirts and shorts.

Credit H&;M

  I also scored this swimsut for £19.00 from Ebay from Matthew Williamsons collection. RRP was £30.00 so a great price

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Finally got my coat

It is soo warm I totally love it even though my lil cousin said I looked like a bear lol Its the perfect size a size 8 would have bene way too big.I think it looks best worn with simple outfits and in a Rock Chick way mixed with Leather. Which is a change from my usual girly style so its like playing dress up. This is going to be a winter staple for years to come and I havent taken it off since I got it!
I love how its been styled in this below picture from Lookbook
Credit:Kate F Lookbook

Monday, 15 February 2010

A weekend of Shopping

(1) Faith Razime £55.00

These are my old favourites I live in these boots all year round and these are my THIRD pair of them! My mother chucked my old ones out as she said they were too worn. I walk ALOT so I need to reeheal them more. They were discounted from £85.00 so was a good buy.

(3) Coral Cardigan Topshop £35.00

Coral is my favourite colour and this cardigan was lurking in the back rail of topshop. Its 100% cotton and both topshop girlies wear wearing it in an off white and a lilac colour. Perfect for the candy colours which are coming in for spring.This looks brilliant over my MW Cream Dress, worn with the liberty print dress and layered. With the MW leather jacket and the parrot scarf with orange in it.Really pleased with this buy as its quality and a really great colour from Topshop.

(4) Zara Shirts for my mum £39.00
I adore Zara for work shirts there cut so well and they last for ages. I picked up 2 shirts for my mum for £20.00 each and she loves them. So I will be getting her more bits and bobs from there.

I had a mooch in French Connection and tried on this Wimbledon Dress priced at  £75.00

It fitted like a glove and is soo pretty Hopefully French connection will be doing a discount day soon with Grazia so I can get it a little bit cheaper. I can normally sense the best sellers from collections. I think this will be one but I dont think it will sell out before there will be a discount day though.

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

French Connection Coat Im a Happy Bunny

My darling brother bought the coat on my behalf  yesterday afternoon after priced at £75.00. I sent an email to French Connection  online customer service yesterday evening who replied for me to get into contact with French Connection Retail customer services.Which I did this morning within 2 hours I recieved a reply.

Which stated that the two arms of French Conneciton were seperate (despite sharing the same name) and the buyers for each arm set the prices differently resulting in two different prices for the coat. Any refund or recompensation  would be at the managers discretion. The customer represntative spoke to Nottingham Store Manager on my behalf today and they agreed to refund me the £30.00 difference of the coat 

Monday, 8 February 2010

Kate Moss Dress has arrived!

Im an impatient bunny and I had sent the seller an email about the dress and I recieved a knock on the door and the parcel was here:
The packaging had some gorgous belgium stamps on them and was wrapped so beautifully with a handwritten French Note.. So amazing. Opening the package was a delight and then the dress itself was perfect. I was concearned that the fit may be a little bit too big but it was perfect.
It looks amazing with a black jacket ala Kate Moss and with my cream patent courts. Cant wait to wear this when summer finally returns.

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Im on a mission..

I decided I HAVE to have this  coat its perfect for my petite frame.There is an option of buying from Ebay but the seller looks a bit dogy imo. So next I went on the store locator and rang round trying to find out which stores had the coat in and I managed to find one! infact they had 4 coats left in a Size 6/8/10.

The girl who I spoke to was super helpful and I explained to her that I didnt want to look like big bird but I wanted something that would be warm and cosy and she recommended to go one size down then your usual.

The only downside is the coat is priced at  £75.00 not the £45.00 I thought I would be plaining.

I am planning to write an email to customer services Firstly explaing the fact I was dissapointed that no one contacted me to tell me the order was cancelled and that I had found the the coat in store at the higher price and as a goodwill gesture I would like them to refund the difference of the price

The body shop sent me some nice freebies when I complainted about a mistake which was made in store so I hope French Connection Follow suit.I will not get my hands on the coat for another two weeks so I wount be getting any wear of it this side of winter. But It will be amazing to bring out for next winter

Heres some pics of it on Ebay both coats are size 10s and look HUGE so a size 6 will be perfect I think.
Credit Ebay

Saturday, 6 February 2010

Ebay Rare Find

The most amazing MW Waistcoat has come on sale on Ebay and I think I need it in my life..This will be snapped up in an instant RRP £79.99 EBAY £160.00


Credit:This is london Newspaper

French Connection Really not Impressed

I rang up French Connection to get an update on the coat to find out that the otder has been cancelled I am ever so slightly pissed off! Because I havent recieved an email stating the order was canceller. The reason they gave was that the fact the website hadnt been updated and was showing stock present which was in fact not there!

I love French Connection Clothes but this is the second time in so many months ive had a sh*t service from them... The first time was the bad lashes jumper I bought was damaged and they initially failed to give me money off and then cancelling the order and not bothering to notify me. Not Impressed.

Thursday, 4 February 2010

The Warmest Coat in the World..

I adore French Connection and normally get a few pieces in the season. I have been revisiting their sale to find prices still really high well too high! I then religiously check back the next day to see that overnight prices have been slashed but all the stuff I had my eye on were all sold out or still too expensive. The bigfoot coat being £75.00 which is still on the pricy side for me.

I had a mooch on the website and I couldnt believe there were some Big Foot coats, in black , in a small size and wait for  it...priced at £45 from £150!I ordered it on Tuesday Evening and by Wednesday Morning they were of course all sold out. Today (Thursday) looking at the website the price has gone back up to £75.00 with only size 12 in beige available!
This Big Foot Coat was an instant best seller  They have been selling on Ebay like hot cakes after being seen in Grazia this is the perfect coat

credit: French Connection
I have seen real pictures of the coat on ebay and it looks amazing. Cant wait to wear this in the last few weeks of Winter!