Monday, 15 February 2010

A weekend of Shopping

(1) Faith Razime £55.00

These are my old favourites I live in these boots all year round and these are my THIRD pair of them! My mother chucked my old ones out as she said they were too worn. I walk ALOT so I need to reeheal them more. They were discounted from £85.00 so was a good buy.

(3) Coral Cardigan Topshop £35.00

Coral is my favourite colour and this cardigan was lurking in the back rail of topshop. Its 100% cotton and both topshop girlies wear wearing it in an off white and a lilac colour. Perfect for the candy colours which are coming in for spring.This looks brilliant over my MW Cream Dress, worn with the liberty print dress and layered. With the MW leather jacket and the parrot scarf with orange in it.Really pleased with this buy as its quality and a really great colour from Topshop.

(4) Zara Shirts for my mum £39.00
I adore Zara for work shirts there cut so well and they last for ages. I picked up 2 shirts for my mum for £20.00 each and she loves them. So I will be getting her more bits and bobs from there.

I had a mooch in French Connection and tried on this Wimbledon Dress priced at  £75.00

It fitted like a glove and is soo pretty Hopefully French connection will be doing a discount day soon with Grazia so I can get it a little bit cheaper. I can normally sense the best sellers from collections. I think this will be one but I dont think it will sell out before there will be a discount day though.

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