Tuesday, 23 February 2010

DIY Sewing.

The more I shop on the highstreet I realise there are great designs at great prices however there are things that I would like to buy more designer influenced without paying the big prices.

I have been lusting after some Carline Print and I won an auction on ebay andIve decied to make this luells design with my carline liberty Fabric. The design is so pretty and unique. I wanted a simple design and let the true beauty of the print shine through. I saw the dress on Alexa chung and I only saw it from the side and I thought the straps and shape were beuatiful. Now seeing the front with the heart its to gorgous for words.

On the catwalk

Other pieces that I am inspired from this collection are

The same dress in black. I will go for a sleeker skirt and less exagerated shape.

The shorts with a bright knit against it is so cute. I will be scouring for some polka dot material very soon

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