Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Sonia Rykiel pour H&M

On Saturday Morning I awoke thinking of Sonia Rykiel but I rolled over and went to sleep...I didnt think there would be a crazy rush on H&M but after Jimmy Choo I cautiously decided to stay away.

I logged on to ebay and I saw real life pictures of the clothing and some looked suprisingly nice, others I didnt like after going and looking at some blogs I saw that people had bought some bits and bobs and I had a bang of regret.

So monday morning I went to H&M and there were loads left. The only things which had gone were the pink/black stud dress. the striped jumper dress, everything else was there for the picking and all in Small Sizes. So it was ideal for me to be able to get what I wanted.

I managed to score the last scarf in store of the manequuin which I was SOO happy to get as its one piece I had my eye on since I saw a similar one on ASOS and the scarf was the most popular item.

So I picked up loads of things to try. First one I tried was the pink rosset top. This was AWFUL on me it was so low cut my bra was very visible and It was very thin all in all NOT  a good look.

Next was the striped jumper this was cute what I didnt like was that it was scoop neck which meant it wouldnt keep you very warm and the body of the jumper was short so it stopped above the hips. Also the stitching was very visible from the construction.

Next thing I tried was the body concious dress and this fitted like a glove its warm and super sexy. This dress is to be worn when one has a flat stomach and is trim otherwise all the bumps and lumps will show through.

I picked up a stud beret and went on my merry way.

I searched out the blogs again and I saw pictures of the black knitted skirt and decided I needed that skirt in my life plus a cute pair of socks wouldnt go a miss. My sister rang me and she was shopping mear H&M I asked her to have a mooch in H&M and she found the last black skirt which was an extra small (Im hoping its not too tight but the goot thing with knitwear is that it will give over time anyway) and she picked up some socks.

Thes Sonia Rykiel skirts ar very similar but the price isnt H&M £19.99 Sonia by Sonia Rykiel £175.00! Viva la H&M
Credit: Harvey Nicks
All other pictures Credit:H&M

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