Sunday, 7 February 2010

Im on a mission..

I decided I HAVE to have this  coat its perfect for my petite frame.There is an option of buying from Ebay but the seller looks a bit dogy imo. So next I went on the store locator and rang round trying to find out which stores had the coat in and I managed to find one! infact they had 4 coats left in a Size 6/8/10.

The girl who I spoke to was super helpful and I explained to her that I didnt want to look like big bird but I wanted something that would be warm and cosy and she recommended to go one size down then your usual.

The only downside is the coat is priced at  £75.00 not the £45.00 I thought I would be plaining.

I am planning to write an email to customer services Firstly explaing the fact I was dissapointed that no one contacted me to tell me the order was cancelled and that I had found the the coat in store at the higher price and as a goodwill gesture I would like them to refund the difference of the price

The body shop sent me some nice freebies when I complainted about a mistake which was made in store so I hope French Connection Follow suit.I will not get my hands on the coat for another two weeks so I wount be getting any wear of it this side of winter. But It will be amazing to bring out for next winter

Heres some pics of it on Ebay both coats are size 10s and look HUGE so a size 6 will be perfect I think.
Credit Ebay

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