Friday, 29 January 2010

Ebay Topshop Gem

I had a peek on ebay today and I found the striped flower Topshop dress.I adore the Topshop SS2009 Collection..I was aware of the collection at the time but I hadnt really looked at any peices in depth. I tried on the Art noveaou sun dress which I liked but thought was too expenisve around £60ish pounds. All of the best designs had predicatbly sold out.
So fastforward a year later and Im picking up bargains on ebay. Heres pics of the dress I cant wait to get my hands on this.
Credit: Daily Mail


The dress wasnt exactly a bargian but its versatile and can be dressed up smartly or worn with flats for a relaxed look.

I love love love these prints. Im a big print person and they are on trend for SS2010 particularly florals and delicate ditzy prints. I think there a good buy becaues I will be holding on to them long term and Kate Moss Topshop clothing seems to do very well on ebay even when its worn.

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