Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Sonia Rykiel H&M Wish List

After Spending So much money on H&M Collaborations last year I have decided to complete a wish list and raise the funds to buy the items via some flogging of items on Ebay. I think the lookbook had some great looks, but are most things really wearable?. If I was to wear any of those looks  from head to toe it would be way too much and I would look like a fashion victim-Its essential to wear clothing and not let the clothes wear you.

So far my list in just two things. First up is this Jumper. The one on the left is currently on Net a Porter and is reduced from £465 to £232.50 on the right is the H&M Sonia Rykiel Jumper which also comes in pink. I think its a great copy of the real thing.

Below are two ways to wear the jumper.

Kate Moss’s Teatime Outfit, 2003
1) A la Kate Moss- Worn with a black skirt and simple Monochrome shoes

2) A la Sonia Rykiel on the runway. Worn with loose black trousers and a bowler hat. This looks definitely more unique and wearable then teaming it with a cliched beret.

Also on my list is the Striped scarf (featured in one of  the look book outfits). Its is Signature Rykiel and so classic. It will add instant brightness to any outfit and is something thats quite playful and fun. The scarf on the left is Sonia Rykiel and retails for £90.00. So the H&M will be a bargain too

Heres a Full length picture of the outfit which is really cute and totally me. The great thing with bright stripes is that it looks vibrant and great against black and even better when you pickup on a colour within the scarf in this case purple.

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