Friday, 22 January 2010

Liperty Print Dress

Credit:Liberty Blog Online
 Ive been umming and ahhing over this dress. There were quite a few left on ebay on BIN and auction I bided my time waiting to get a bargain  The auctions often sold for about £1 less then what I paid so I cant complain.I pressed the BIN for £25.00. It tooks its time to arrive  and I can confirm is stunning. Its fully lined and boned. Its a dress that has to be worn on a good day because any bulge or imperfection will definitly show through as well as the dress being very fitted.I would say its NOT worth the original £65.00 asking Price.If you dont believe the hype with any designer high street collection, You can almost certainly get things on the cheap on ebay unless its a must have.

The blue and red combo is so fresh and screams Spring to me. This dress will be worn with red nails and lips. Softly waved hair and a blue fasinator for a Summer Wedding Im invited too.

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