Sunday, 7 March 2010

Shoes Shoes Shoes

After sorting thorugh my wardrobe I have noticed I have neglected my day shoe collection living in flat boots. Its amazing how shoes can change an oufit and give me the added height lol Im very fussy about what I like I think New look do great cheapish shoes and topshop do nice ones and fairth but the quality of shoes isnt always that great for the price.

Theses shoes are right on the money

I LOVE theses shoes I saw them in Faith and I didnt dare try them on because I know I would buy them lol.
They are the perfect height for getting about it the day I love the height the peep toe and the hole shape of the shoesIm waiting for faith to do a 20% off day then I will snap both pairs up
Full price they are £55 each but with  the discount its £44.

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