Saturday, 17 April 2010

Shopping in London

I was in London and I forgot how HUGE the shops are and how you can get such a great range of items. Topshop Oxford St had the Vintage Lace Pattern in a  dress! It is soo gorgous its a 50style strapless dress thats cut in at the waist and is so feminine. So I returned the skirt. The dress version is not available on the website or any other stores. Its was £75.00 which isnt cheap but I think its worth it perfect for a summer wedding, christening or formal ocassion girlie cute and unique.

To complete the MW collection I bought the sarong to match  I bought it from Germany via bank transfer and I had to pay a £9.00 fee as Paypal was not used. So all in all paid £45.00! As far as I am aware there are only 2 other sellers one wats £59.99 and the other £69.99. So It wasnt as expensive as it could be.

Although im not on my hols this year and I dont have a clue when I next will be I researched different ways of wearing a sarong and the ways are numerous. I LOVE Matthew Williamson and I love colour so its nice to have some more pretty things around to look at!

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